WATERSOFT – application

– Water plants precisely at the right time
– Easy to use, connected locally for privacy
– No data collected, no third party, no ads


– Follow weather data through internet
– Combine its own sensors and algorithms

OPERATORS – 230V / 16A / IP45

– Controlled wirelessly by SUPERVISOR
– Activate up to 4 single-phase devices
– Zero cross trigger and RC filters
– Dust and water proof
– Quick installation and rack compatible

WATERING CANS ~1drop/sec

– Nonexponential water flow ~200ml/h
– Up to 20 litres water tank each
– Water filters integrated
– Possible energy saving, ratio 1:100
(1min water pump = 100min water drops)

A plant can be watered drop after drop with 20 litres during 1 week without any intervention neither energy consumption.

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