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Our persistent carelessness in preserving the natural resources is heartbreaking. As designer, I have to propose at least a pragmatical solution to reduce the waste.

Jean-Luc Marchina

Water efficiently the trees – Reduce the electricity bill – Conserve the natural resources

Precise, adaptable, and durable WATERINOX gives ever the right amount of water to specific area per cycle. Thank to its unique design, WATERINOX waters drop by drop straight to plants during hours without consuming electricity. Months after months, water and energy savings will be greatly perceptible.

> Drip irrigation system with integrated filters;

> Transparent can to follow-up the watering in state;

> Compatible with standard pipelines;

> Made with 50% recycled material.



SUPERVISOR controls your irrigation system automatically. Its is capable to:

> Incorporate weather data in order to take better decisions;

> Control up to 4 OPERATORS;

> Be upgradable easily with sensors and cameras.


OPERATOR simply executes the orders of SUPERVISOR by switching on/off any electric devices such as water pumps, solenoid valves, etc… OPERATOR gets the standard industrial plugs and sockets (CEE17) with the technical capabilities as follow:

> Wireless activated;

> Zero Cross Trigger;

> 230V, up to 16A;

> Water splash proof (IP44).


A simple dashboard has been designed to manage your irrigation system from your mobile devices. The projects implemented in Switzerland can benefit on the accurate weather data of MeteoSwiss.

WATERINOX solution is well suitable for fruit trees where the availability of water is limited due to an extended dry season.


Based on algorithms, SUPERVISOR will care about the well-being of your plants automatically day after day. However you can switch to manual mode at any time. You have ever the control of the situation wherever you are.


Privacy is a fundamental human right. For that reason, we do not collect data of your activities neither share it with third parties.


WATERINOX is based on the concept of the Swiss army knife in the aim to respond to several cases of agricultural water management. Its design has been oriented to be pratical, efficient and deployable straightforwardly with or without SUPERVISOR.


The prototypes have been deployed in Egypt since February 2021. The first pilot project has 2 main objectives:

> Put WATERINOX “under pressure” in harsh environnement;

> Optimise water consumption and cans management;

WATERINOX have been tested in the field.


©2021 WATERINOX by Jean-Luc Marchina, Swiss Designer